Black Hat VPN (e.g Carding * RAT * Brute and more) /Free 24h Test\

Black Hat VPN (e.g Carding * RAT * Brute and more) /Free 24h Test\Black Hat VPN (e.g Carding * RAT * Brute and more) /Free 24h Test

Port forwarding available on all plans from 3 months.
Dedicated IP: from $2/month.
Dedicated VPN server: from $10/month.
A money refund to your account balance if you cancel the subscription.

NO Logs!

here it goes to VPN!


Anonym Payments!

With Jabber / Skype Support

Payment via /Perfect money * Webmoney (WMZ) * PaymentWall(SMS,Krarna/Sofort überweisung) * Bitcoin\

then (7,90 $/6,95€)

Full anonymity

No logging of your network traffic

Only email is required to sign up

We accept anonymous payments

Large selection of static IP

Rent a dedicated IP and even a VPN server

Only white-listed IP, regular pool updates

Port forwarding available

No limitations

IP manual selection

Unlimited IP switches

Unlimited bandwidth and speed

All ports are open


Fast IP change

Simultaneous connections on up to 5 devices

User-friendly application

Easy to use

Compatible with all platforms and devices

Easy setup

24/7 english speaking support


Strong 256-bits data encryption

Double chain VPN connection

Anonymous DNS server

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